I’m Not the Only One!

Paul Murphy, a fellow Global MBA student at the Instituto de Empresa (IE), recently posted an article on his blog about IE’s success in the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2007.  In his article he predicts that once a category for ranking programs similar to IE’s Global MBA is established that it will rank among the Top 5 in the world.  I’ve also done my research on programs of this type and have confidence that IE is really doing an excellent job and deserves to be recognized for it. 

Paul and I entered the Global MBA program at different times and had the opportunity to meet Mumbai (Bombay), India this past year.  He lives in London, works for Microsoft and is a really interesting person.  I recommend you checkout his blog if get the chance.

Open Source Takes on Business Intelligence

Pentaho Logo I recently stumbled across the Pentaho Business Intelligence Suite and so far I’m really impressed. After doing some research what I discovered is that Pentaho is an Open Source BI company with a service oriented revenue model. What they have done is hired the key developers from a variety of Open Source products such as JFree and built/enhanced those core technologies for an end-to-end BI solution. They were founded by five (hence the “pent”) extremely accomplished BI experts and have been marketing themselves for less then a year.

I have had some insightful answers to technical questions I’ve posted on their forums which is a requirement for a quality open source project. I’ve also been told that their lead engineers spend a certain portion of their time doing technical support so at this point you may actually be able to get the product developer on the phone if you are having issues.

If you are interested in checking them out, running their Pre-Configuration Installation was a quick three step process on my Windows workstation.

Fedora Logo I ran into some issues getting it to run on my Fedora Core 6 workstation, but I think those are related to some configuration issues on my end.

JBoss LogoThis will provide you with a JBoss Application Server and Portal running a bunch of well put together BI Reports and Dashboards. It even has an example Dashboard with Google Maps integration.

If you end up checking this out or have implementation experience with their products please let me know as we are evaluating using some of their components in a project right now.

IE Continues to Climb the Rankings Ladder

I know that MBA rankings are a controversial subject in the business education community. The reality is that the rankings do have an affect on the marketability of the degree, so being a student in a well ranked program I’m certainly glad that Instituto de Empresa continues to climb.

FT LogoIf it weren’t for the Financial Times MBA Rankings chances are I would not be in IE’s Global MBA today. When I was researching which schools to apply to back in 2005, I noticed on FT’s rankings a school in Spain called the Instituto de Empresa.

At first I was very skeptical about “online��? programs. As a matter of fact I didn’t really want anything to do with them. Looking at what IE was calling at the time Global Communities MBA, which offered a blended program with online interaction supported by face-to-face events around the world, my opinion started to change.

When I contacted IE for more information I was engaged by David Standen, who at the time was organizing/marketing this new program. His enthusiasm for the school and for the program was contagious.

To say the least, I’m extremely happy with the experience and am very aware that it is life changing. I now have great friends all over the world from Colombia to Venezuela to South Africa to Spain to Germany to Saudi Arabia to Jordan to Russia to India to China to Hong Kong…

Congratulations IE on moving up to:

  • 1st in Spain
  • 3rd in the Europe
  • 11th in the World

You can see full details on Financial Times’ web site.

Leaving… On a Jet Plane

IE LogoLooking back to where I was a year ago… It has been a great year. I’d say the single decision that has had the most impact is participation in the Global MBA program at the Instituto de Empresa. Being a student in this program has given me the opportunity to travel to Spain, India and Thailand all within the last year. In May, I’m planning to attend another Community Integration Day in Shanghai, which should be a great experience.

Spanish FlagAs a matter of fact… I’m jumping on a plane and heading back to Spain this weekend! I’ll try to do a better job posting then I did after my trip to India. I still have notes about a bunch of blog entries I want to write about that trip.