FILESTREAM Support in SQL Server Express

A couple great questions came up last week when discussing FILESTREAM with some people within the Microsoft field which I thought were worth sharing.


Q: Will SQL Server 2008 Express edition support FILESTREAM?

A: It sure will!


Q: Will the 4GB limit of Express apply to data stored in the FILESTREAM?

A: Nope…  Go ahead and store large binary files!


As you may have noticed I’m really excited about binary data becoming a first class citizen in SQL Server 2008.  Once you dig into it I think you will agree.

22 Business Intelligence Screencasts Released

SQL2K5-MicrosoftBI-00-Platform-300x225 It has been a long time coming and I’m really excited to announce that we have finally released a series of 22 screencasts on the SQL Server Channel 9 site.  These screencasts were part of a global training event taking the student through BI project lifecycle using Microsoft tools.  I’d recommend starting from the Platform Overview.

New SQL Server CodePlex Site

codeplex-logoRoger Doherty and I recently launched the SQL Server End-to-End Community Samples site on CodePlex.  We have been successful in recruiting a few developers so you should start to see the samples really start to flow. 

I encourage you to download the current FILESTREAM sample and let us know what you think. 

We will be publishing a Spatial sample and a Table Value Parameter sample soon.

SQL Server and BI has a Home on Channel 9

image In an effort to organize the content on Channel 9 we have created a wiki which you can access at

Over the next few months this will be converted to a Tag Center once the Beta version of Channel 9 goes Gold.  In the meantime I will be maintaining the wiki by hand.

If there are specific interviews or screencasts that you would like to see related to SQL Server and Business Intelligence just let me know.