What is Beyond Yoda?

For the past 10 years, like many bloggers, I’ve blogged off and on with some periods that were really active and other times when I’ve focused on other parts of my life. The past two years have been all about understanding China. I’ve immersed myself in learning the language, meeting friends in my new home and getting to know the business and technology landscape. Although I feel like I’ve learned a lot over these past few years, I also know I’ve barely scratched the surface which is why I’m so excited for what the coming years will bring as I continue my China journey. In summary I can say that, I LOVE CHINA!

I love this old Beijing ride that sits outside my door
I love this classic Beijing ride that sits outside my door.

So… What’s the name "Beyond Yoda" all about? As I did some soul searching on where I want to focus the next chapter in my blogging journey a few topics just kept bubbling to the surface, Cloud Computing and Big Data. Those are areas that I’ve focused my career on and are also trends that I believe will just continue to become more important through this decade. But I wasn’t happy with just focusing on technology… I’m surrounded by a lot of brilliant people whether they are friends, family, colleagues at Microsoft, leaders of China’s top tech companies, developers launching the next startup or seasoned VCs. I love talking to these people about the future evolution of society and technology which leads me to "Beyond Yoda".

Yotta kind of sounds like Yoda.

The yottabyte is a unit of information or computer storage equal to one septillion bytes (one quadrillion gigabytes).

1024 bytes = 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 bytes  -Wikipedia

Now that’s Big Data!

But… What’s Beyond that?  Not just from a data perspective but from the perspective of life…  The evolution of society…  The evolution of technology…  My own evolving path.

Hence Beyond Yoda was born.

Here I will explore my thoughts around business focusing on China and other emerging markets, technology focusing on Cloud Computing, Big Data and Connected Apps, and adventure which is easy to find living in the heart of Beijing!

Please contact me anytime you have suggestions on how I could improve the site or if you’re interested in linking up over drinks to talk about the trends in technology and society.