I’m Not the Only One!

Paul Murphy, a fellow Global MBA student at the Instituto de Empresa (IE), recently posted an article on his blog about IE’s success in the Financial Times Global MBA Rankings 2007.  In his article he predicts that once a category for ranking programs similar to IE’s Global MBA is established that it will rank among the Top 5 in the world.  I’ve also done my research on programs of this type and have confidence that IE is really doing an excellent job and deserves to be recognized for it. 

Paul and I entered the Global MBA program at different times and had the opportunity to meet Mumbai (Bombay), India this past year.  He lives in London, works for Microsoft and is a really interesting person.  I recommend you checkout his blog if get the chance.

IE Continues to Climb the Rankings Ladder

I know that MBA rankings are a controversial subject in the business education community. The reality is that the rankings do have an affect on the marketability of the degree, so being a student in a well ranked program I’m certainly glad that Instituto de Empresa continues to climb.

FT LogoIf it weren’t for the Financial Times MBA Rankings chances are I would not be in IE’s Global MBA today. When I was researching which schools to apply to back in 2005, I noticed on FT’s rankings a school in Spain called the Instituto de Empresa.

At first I was very skeptical about “online��? programs. As a matter of fact I didn’t really want anything to do with them. Looking at what IE was calling at the time Global Communities MBA, which offered a blended program with online interaction supported by face-to-face events around the world, my opinion started to change.

When I contacted IE for more information I was engaged by David Standen, who at the time was organizing/marketing this new program. His enthusiasm for the school and for the program was contagious.

To say the least, I’m extremely happy with the experience and am very aware that it is life changing. I now have great friends all over the world from Colombia to Venezuela to South Africa to Spain to Germany to Saudi Arabia to Jordan to Russia to India to China to Hong Kong…

Congratulations IE on moving up to:

  • 1st in Spain
  • 3rd in the Europe
  • 11th in the World

You can see full details on Financial Times’ web site.

Leaving… On a Jet Plane

IE LogoLooking back to where I was a year ago… It has been a great year. I’d say the single decision that has had the most impact is participation in the Global MBA program at the Instituto de Empresa. Being a student in this program has given me the opportunity to travel to Spain, India and Thailand all within the last year. In May, I’m planning to attend another Community Integration Day in Shanghai, which should be a great experience.

Spanish FlagAs a matter of fact… I’m jumping on a plane and heading back to Spain this weekend! I’ll try to do a better job posting then I did after my trip to India. I still have notes about a bunch of blog entries I want to write about that trip.

Attending a Spanish School from Hawaii

So, what’s it like to study a Global MBA program from a school located in Spain when you live in Hawaii… Well there are some great benefits, especially when working with world class students from a world class school like the Instituto de Empresa, there are also some serious sacrifices to make it happen.

There aren’t many options to study a master’s degree here on Maui, but I was fortunate to find IE’s Global MBA program when looking at the Financial Times’ MBA ranking for 2005. My classmates are brilliant people from all over the world. I could go on and on about the benefits… but what about the downside?

Well… Spain is twelve hours ahead of Hawaii. My live video class is from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM Saturday, Spanish time. Do the math… That’s right… My Friday nights are ultra-social with class from 11:00 at night until 3:00 in the morning!

I say “ultra-social” with a bit of sarcasm, but the truth is that it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend my Friday nights with classmates from China, Japan, India, Russia, South Africa, Germany, Britain, Spain, Columbia… Who else in Hawaii is doing that with their Friday nights? I’d venture to say I’m the only one!

Although it’s difficult, it’s 100% worth it, as I can see my life and future changing before my eyes as the doors of opportunity swing wide open. Guess what… I’m going to India in five weeks for school!

Natalia and Antun’s Visit to Maui

I was lucky enough to have Natalia and Antun visit me during their honeymoon trip to Hawaii. Antun suprised Natalia with this trip all the way from Zurich. Natalia and I are both students in the Instituto de Empresa’s Global Communities MBA program. Antun is also an alumnus of IE.

They stayed at the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua, which is a killer spot. It’s right above DT Felming’s beach and is a great hotel, especially for couples looking to get away from screaming kids at the crazy playground pools of some of the resorts.

I’ve got to give Antun some serious credit for pulling this one off.

Congratulations you two!

Aloha Natalia… As you can see the view from the Ritz lobby balcony is killer.

Natalia and Antun… Lucky Guy!

Honolua Bay on a calm day

Honolua Bay can be a killer spot to snorkel on days like this.

You can see the Ritz in the distance.

What a cute couple

Natalia just can’t wait to see her man 😉
By the way… that is one nice looking truck.

Killer comb, if I do say so myself!

Napili Bay is one of my favorites.

Check out the Instituto de Empresa hat… This one belongs in a brochure for IE.

I couldn’t let Antun have all the fun for himself so I talked this pretty lady with the glasses into posing for a couple of pictures with me.

Life is good!